About Solutions Functional and Hormone Medicine

Meet Mandi Snell, APRN


I have been an acute care nurse practitioner for 27 years.  Ten years ago, I began a "side hustle" as a medical director for a large weight loss center and began to observe the variables that determined success versus failure. I didn't expect to discover a passion for endocrinology and now, a clinic of my own.

I am a teacher and a student.  This clinic is the product of being mentored by heroes in both traditional and functional medicine. As the ultimate skeptic and being insatiably curious, I am an unapologetic science hoarder who wants to share what I have learned.  At this facility, we won't be making decisions about your health on rogue medical accountability, but rather conclusions from data, not philosophy..

Teaching is my gift.  I recommend new consults bring a notebook because we will cover a lot of information in our time together. It's not a mistake that you find chalkboard in the office.  This is a place to heal and to learn--even if it means drawing a visual aid to help someone understand the science behind their health.

I think most folks in medicine choose this career because we are fueled by helping others.  Unfortunately, traditional medicine often requires us to closet that hope due to high demands and limitations.  When I became an Evexias provider, my patients were returning with tears of joy after having resigned to a life of fatigue and decline. Most had been told by their providers that "everything looks normal".  Many were offered antidepressants. Many women believed that they didn't need estrogen unless they were having hot flashes.  Meanwhile, their mental health and vascular health and sexual health suffered.  Many men suffered with self-hatred, accusing themselves of being lazy and unmotivated and cranky--not recognizing that as a hormone issue. Many men make the mistake of believing that as long as they have desire and can perform sexually, that their testosterone level must be fine.  After all, that's what testosterone is for, right? (Wrong. Its so much more than that.)   Many were afraid of hormones.  "Don't they cause cancer and heart attacks?"  No.  They are protective from both of those things and MORE. Many believed that they were mentally ill.  Many believed that they were just bound to be overweight.   Many had been told their thyroid function was normal.  (By the way, normal just means that there's a lot of people who feel as bad as you do.)  The faces of these people who have been transformed explains the reason I opened this office in the Spring 2022.

I have learned that there is a small percentage of patients who are refractory to hormone treatment.  These are my people, too.  Evexias providers are equipped with means to investigate.  With Evexias providers, functional medicine is not a philosophy but a think tank-- A think tank of providers who hold the philosophy that going upstream of your disease process is the norm.

Let's go upstream.