Weight Loss 


Through a thorough review of lifestyle with labs, we can create a plan that, first and foremost, will include education supplemented by medications and peptide therapy. Additionally, anyone who is frustrated by weight loss challenges deserves a comprehensive review of thyroid function.

We don't just want you to look great. We want you to feel great.

At Solutions IV Vitamin Bar & Hormone Renovation we take pride in making sure our clients are equipped with both knowledge and resources to make the healthy changes needed to meet your goals.


Heros have a few things in common. They go the long distance in the same direction. Slow? Some days. Fast? Some days. We want to teach you how to win the long game. Short goals add up again and again. Sometimes we just need to hear what we already know from a supportive perspective. We believe that failure is a GREAT teaching tool! Don't go it alone. 


"But my doctor said my TSH was normal".

 I know. I've been that provider, too....but its not rocket science.

 Let's talk some science about why chasing your TSH (and perhaps, some of your current thyroid therapy) just might be leaving you with the entire spectrum of thyroid symptoms.  

Optimize Thyroid Management


 Semaglutide is a medications called GLP-1s (glucagon-like peptide-1s). Research shows that GLP-1s are very effective and safe long-term option for weight loss.

All GLP-1s are clinically tested, stimulant-free, and non-habit forming. GLP-1s address the underlying biology that is most important for weight loss, and help lower your set point, or the weight your body fights to stay at the weight your body prefers. GLP-1s are powerful, naturally occurring hormones made by your gut that send signals to your brain to decrease your appetite, improve your metabolic system, and regulate your digestion so you can feel full longer and maximize nutrient absorption. 

Semaglutide Can Help