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As Thanksgiving approaches, we naturally look forward to comforting and indulgent dishes that have become synonymous with this special holiday. It’s a time for gathering with loved ones, expressing gratitude, and, of course, enjoying a bountiful feast. While traditional Thanksgiving fare often includes rich, calorie-laden dishes, it’s entirely possible to embrace the spirit of the […]

Glutathione is a tripeptide comprised of three amino acids (cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine) and is found abundantly in the body. It’s often called the Master Antioxidant because it’s been shown to help protect the body from oxidative stress and toxins and support the immune system. It’s also been shown to play a role in supporting skin health and athletic performance. […]

There’s just something about restaurant salads! They are so fresh, have the perfect pairing of flavors and textures, and have a delicious dressing to top it off. Surprisingly though, they can often be one of the highest calorie options on the menu. This salad has the best of both worlds…the deliciousness of a restaurant salad […]

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, why not plan ahead for your recovery breakfast the morning after? Just in case you get a little carried away with the green beer or Irish whisky… This morning-after-the-night-before breakfast smoothie is a delicious and restorative way to replenish your body. It’s simple to throw together, it can be […]

December is usually a challenging month for most of us to stay on track with our health goals. Indulging in delicious foods is part of the tradition but making healthier choices here and there can help prevent packing on excessive unwanted pounds. Appetizers are always a fun part of every holiday gathering. But they are […]

Chicken soup has been a go-to for sickness for generations — and for good reason. It’s an easy-to-eat source of vitamins, minerals, calories, and protein, which are nutrients your body may need in larger quantities while you’re recovering from an illness. INGREDIENTS: 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 onion, diced 3 carrots, peeled and diced 2 celery […]

Get a daily dose of immune system support with this delicious Immune Support Sweet Green Smoothie! This healthy and creamy immune-boosting green smoothie made with almond milk is naturally sweetened with frozen fruit and packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help keep colds at bay. WHAT’S IN THE SWEET GREEN SMOOTHIE? Here’s a quick overview […]

A healthy and delicious way to get a boost of Vitamin D in your diet this week from Eat This, Not That. If you choose to cook this recipe with wild-caught salmon, keep in mind that a 3.5 oz. serving of it contains 988 IU of vitamin D—124% of your daily value (DV) for the […]